maid in trouble
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更新:2018/12/10 2:52:02
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  • 《溫斯頓·丘吉爾:世紀巨人》劇情/討論區

      Beyond the famous speeches and wealth of media material on the statesman, we span the century as seen from behind the scenes of an exceptional itinerary in order to capture the true dimension of one of the greatest European political figures. Like a thrilling biopic, by turn moving, funny and epic, our documentary is up to its hero.  Carefully remastered and colorized, the film draws from a wealth of visual and sound archives, to give an all-encompassing view of both the private and public man. Through the contrasted chapters of his existence, it thus offers a new, unseen before perspective on Churchills character and how he related to power and his contemporaries in order to lift the veil on a colourful, puzzling, paradoxical and captivating personality
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